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do_node_rpc(target_node, mod, func, args, callback)


do_node_rpc(atom(), atom(), atom(), list(), function() | nil) ::
  {:error, any()} | any()

Perform an :rpc.call/4 on the target node. The callback is called with the target function's return value from the context of the intermediate rpc pid. This allows the return value to be used before the target node sees that the caling pid exited. Useful for when the target node wants to monitor calling pids.


  • target_node The node on which to execute the function
  • mod The module atom to call the function on
  • func The function atom to call
  • args The argument list to function
  • callback The callback to call during rpc invocation after the target function returns but before the rpc call returns. Can be nil.


  • {:badrpc, reason} RPC failed, for reason
  • {:error, "no node"} There were no nodes with name registered
  • any The result of apply(mod, func, args)