Dnsimple.Contact (dnsimple v3.1.0) View Source

Represents a contact.


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t() :: %Dnsimple.Contact{
  account_id: integer(),
  address1: String.t(),
  address2: String.t(),
  city: String.t(),
  country: String.t(),
  created_at: String.t(),
  email: String.t(),
  fax: String.t(),
  first_name: String.t(),
  id: integer(),
  job_title: String.t(),
  label: String.t(),
  last_name: String.t(),
  organization_name: String.t(),
  phone: String.t(),
  postal_code: String.t(),
  state_province: String.t(),
  updated_at: String.t()