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envelopes_put_status(connection, account_id, opts \\ [])

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envelopes_put_status(Tesla.Env.client(), String.t(), keyword()) ::
  {:ok, DocuSign.Model.EnvelopesInformation.t()} | {:error, Tesla.Env.t()}

Gets the envelope status for the specified envelopes. Retrieves the envelope status for the specified envelopes.


  • connection (DocuSign.Connection): Connection to server
  • account_id (String.t): The external account number (int) or account ID Guid.
  • opts (KeywordList): [optional] Optional parameters
    • :email (String.t): Reserved for DocuSign.
    • :from_date (String.t): The date/time setting that specifies when the request begins checking for status changes for envelopes in the account. This is required unless parameters `envelopeIds` and/or `transactionIds` are set.
    • :start_position (String.t): Reserved for DocuSign.
    • :to_date (String.t): Optional date/time setting that specifies the last date/time or envelope status changes in the result set. Default: "now", the time that you call the method.
    • :envelope_ids_request (EnvelopeIdsRequest):


} on success {:error, info} on failure