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A tab that allows the recipient to enter a date. Date tabs are one-line fields that allow date information to be entered in any format. The tooltip for this tab recommends entering the date as MM/DD/YYYY, but this is not enforced. The format entered by the signer is retained. If you need a particular date format enforced, DocuSign recommends using a Text tab with a validation pattern and a validation message to enforce the format.

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t() :: %DocuSign.Model.Date{
  anchorCaseSensitive: String.t(),
  anchorHorizontalAlignment: String.t(),
  anchorIgnoreIfNotPresent: String.t(),
  anchorMatchWholeWord: String.t(),
  anchorString: String.t(),
  anchorUnits: String.t(),
  anchorXOffset: String.t(),
  anchorYOffset: String.t(),
  bold: String.t(),
  concealValueOnDocument: String.t(),
  conditionalParentLabel: String.t(),
  conditionalParentValue: String.t(),
  customTabId: String.t(),
  disableAutoSize: String.t(),
  documentId: String.t(),
  errorDetails: ErrorDetails,
  font: String.t(),
  fontColor: String.t(),
  fontSize: String.t(),
  italic: String.t(),
  locked: String.t(),
  maxLength: integer(),
  mergeField: MergeField,
  name: String.t(),
  originalValue: String.t(),
  pageNumber: String.t(),
  recipientId: String.t(),
  requireAll: String.t(),
  requireInitialOnSharedChange: String.t(),
  required: String.t(),
  senderRequired: String.t(),
  shared: String.t(),
  status: String.t(),
  tabId: String.t(),
  tabLabel: String.t(),
  tabOrder: String.t(),
  templateLocked: String.t(),
  templateRequired: String.t(),
  underline: String.t(),
  validationMessage: String.t(),
  validationPattern: String.t(),
  value: String.t(),
  width: integer(),
  xPosition: String.t(),
  yPosition: String.t()