DocuSign.Model.Email (DocuSign v0.3.3) View Source

A tab that allows the recipient to enter an email address. This is a one-line field that checks that a valid email address is entered. It uses the same parameters as a Text tab, with the validation message and pattern set for email information. When getting information that includes this tab type, the original value of the tab when the associated envelope was sent is included in the response.

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t() :: %DocuSign.Model.Email{
  anchorCaseSensitive: String.t(),
  anchorHorizontalAlignment: String.t(),
  anchorIgnoreIfNotPresent: String.t(),
  anchorMatchWholeWord: String.t(),
  anchorString: String.t(),
  anchorUnits: String.t(),
  anchorXOffset: String.t(),
  anchorYOffset: String.t(),
  bold: String.t(),
  concealValueOnDocument: String.t(),
  conditionalParentLabel: String.t(),
  conditionalParentValue: String.t(),
  customTabId: String.t(),
  disableAutoSize: String.t(),
  documentId: String.t(),
  errorDetails: ErrorDetails,
  font: String.t(),
  fontColor: String.t(),
  fontSize: String.t(),
  italic: String.t(),
  locked: String.t(),
  maxLength: integer(),
  mergeField: MergeField,
  name: String.t(),
  originalValue: String.t(),
  pageNumber: String.t(),
  recipientId: String.t(),
  requireAll: String.t(),
  requireInitialOnSharedChange: String.t(),
  required: String.t(),
  senderRequired: String.t(),
  shared: String.t(),
  status: String.t(),
  tabId: String.t(),
  tabLabel: String.t(),
  tabOrder: String.t(),
  templateLocked: String.t(),
  templateRequired: String.t(),
  underline: String.t(),
  validationMessage: String.t(),
  validationPattern: String.t(),
  value: String.t(),
  width: integer(),
  xPosition: String.t(),
  yPosition: String.t()