DocuSign.Model.EnvelopeTemplateDefinition (DocuSign v0.3.4) View Source

A complex element containing the following information: templateId: Unique identifier of the template. If this is not provided, DocuSign will generate a value. name: Name of the template. Maximum length: 100 characters. shared: When set to true, the template is shared with the Everyone group in the account. If false, the template is only shared with the Administrator group. password: Password, if the template is locked. description: Description of the template. Maximum Length: 500 characters. pageCount: Number of document pages in the template. folderName: The name of the folder the template is located in. folderId: The ID for the folder. owner: The userName, email, userId, userType, and userStatus for the template owner.

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t() :: %DocuSign.Model.EnvelopeTemplateDefinition{
  created: String.t(),
  description: String.t(),
  folderId: String.t(),
  folderName: String.t(),
  folderUri: String.t(),
  lastModified: String.t(),
  lastModifiedBy: UserInfo,
  name: String.t(),
  newPassword: String.t(),
  owner: UserInfo,
  pageCount: integer(),
  parentFolderUri: String.t(),
  password: String.t(),
  shared: String.t(),
  templateId: String.t(),
  uri: String.t()