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t() :: %DocuSign.Model.FolderItem{
  completedDateTime: String.t(),
  createdDateTime: String.t(),
  customFields: [CustomFieldV2],
  description: String.t(),
  envelopeId: String.t(),
  envelopeUri: String.t(),
  is21CFRPart11: String.t(),
  isSignatureProviderEnvelope: String.t(),
  lastModified: String.t(),
  name: String.t(),
  ownerName: String.t(),
  pageCount: integer(),
  password: String.t(),
  senderEmail: String.t(),
  senderName: String.t(),
  sentDateTime: String.t(),
  shared: String.t(),
  status: String.t(),
  subject: String.t(),
  templateId: String.t(),
  uri: String.t()