DocuSign.Model.LastName (DocuSign v0.3.3) View Source

A tab that displays the recipient's last name. This tab takes the recipient's name as entered in the recipient information, splits it into sections based on spaces and uses the last section as the last name.

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t() :: %DocuSign.Model.LastName{
  anchorCaseSensitive: String.t(),
  anchorHorizontalAlignment: String.t(),
  anchorIgnoreIfNotPresent: String.t(),
  anchorMatchWholeWord: String.t(),
  anchorString: String.t(),
  anchorUnits: String.t(),
  anchorXOffset: String.t(),
  anchorYOffset: String.t(),
  bold: String.t(),
  conditionalParentLabel: String.t(),
  conditionalParentValue: String.t(),
  customTabId: String.t(),
  documentId: String.t(),
  errorDetails: ErrorDetails,
  font: String.t(),
  fontColor: String.t(),
  fontSize: String.t(),
  italic: String.t(),
  mergeField: MergeField,
  name: String.t(),
  pageNumber: String.t(),
  recipientId: String.t(),
  status: String.t(),
  tabId: String.t(),
  tabLabel: String.t(),
  tabOrder: String.t(),
  templateLocked: String.t(),
  templateRequired: String.t(),
  underline: String.t(),
  value: String.t(),
  xPosition: String.t(),
  yPosition: String.t()