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validate_type(changeset, opts \\ [])

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Validates changeset changes to conform to the schema's t() type and fulfill preconditions.

The function performs validations within the call to Ecto's validate_change/3. In case there's at least one error, the list of errors will be appended to the :errors field of the changeset and the :valid? flag will be set to false.

The function raises a RuntimeError if some of the changed fields are not defined in the t() type.


  • :fields - the list of changed fields that should be validated
  • :maybe_filter_precond_errors - when set to true the function returns first error received from the precondition function for each field. In case if no precondition function is defined for the field type, then autogenerated error will be returned.
  • :take_error_fun - function returning most relevant error from the list of errors for a field. Works when maybe_filter_precond_errors: true is given. It can be useful in cases when several precondition errors are returned for the given field. By default it's fn list -> List.first(list) end.


|> cast(%{last_name: "Doe", age: 21}, [:last_name, :age])
|> validate_type()