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eval_quoted(ast, opts \\ [])

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eval_quoted(Macro.t(), Keyword.t()) :: Dune.Success.t() | Dune.Failure.t()

Evalates the quoted ast in the sandbox.

Available options are detailed in Dune.Parser.Opts (for parsing-time restrictions) and in Dune.Eval.Opts (for runtime restrictions).

Returns a Dune.Success struct if the execution went successfully, a Dune.Failure else.


iex> Dune.eval_quoted(quote do: [1, 2] ++ [3, 4])
%Dune.Success{inspected: "[1, 2, 3, 4]", stdio: "", value: [1, 2, 3, 4]}

iex> Dune.eval_quoted(quote do: System.get_env())
%Dune.Failure{message: "** (DuneRestrictedError) function System.get_env/0 is restricted", type: :restricted}

iex> Dune.eval_quoted(quote do: Process.sleep(500))
%Dune.Failure{message: "Execution timeout - 50ms", type: :timeout}