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Stores metadata of a struct.


The state of the schema is stored in the :state field and allows following values:

  • :built - the struct was constructed in memory and is not persisted to database yet;
  • :loaded - the struct was loaded from database and represents persisted data;
  • :deleted - the struct was deleted and no longer represents persisted data.


The :source tracks the (table or collection) where the struct is or should be persisted to.


Tracks the source prefix in the data storage.


The :context field represents additional state some databases require for proper updates of data. It is not used by the built-in adapters of Ecto.Adapters.Postres and Ecto.Adapters.MySQL.


The :schema field refers the module name for the schema this metadata belongs to.

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Link to this type state() View Source
state() :: :built | :loaded | :deleted
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t() :: %Ecto.Schema.Metadata{
  context: any(),
  prefix: Ecto.Schema.prefix(),
  schema: module(),
  source: Ecto.Schema.source(),
  state: state()