mix ecto.ots.migrate (ecto_tablestore v0.7.0) View Source

Runs the all migration for the given repository.

Migrations are expected at "priv/tablestore/YOUR_REPO/migrations" directory of the current application, where "YOUR_REPO" is the last segment in your repository name. For example, the repository MyApp.Repo will use "priv/tablestore/repo/migrations", the repository Whatever.MyRepo will use "priv/tablestore/my_repo/migrations".

Alibaba Tablestore is a cloud service product, there will not do any local storage, meanwhile it is a NoSQL data storage, the migrations mainly responsible for the creation of the table primary key(s).

Currently, run migrations will execute the all defined tasks, once Tablestore's primary key(s) are created, the primary keys(s) cannot be modified, failed to create an existing table, we can ignore it.


mix ecto.ots.migrate
mix ecto.ots.migrate -r EctoTablestore.TestRepo

Command line options

  • -r, --repo - the repo to migrate