EDIP mix task

A mix task for EDIP (elixir docker image packager).


EDIP creates a docker image of your application release.


Project dependency

In mix.exs:

defp deps do
    {:exrm, "~> 0.19"},
    {:edip, "~> 0.4"}

Then run:

mix deps.get edip && mix deps.compile edip

mix archive

Just run this and confirm:

mix archive.install http://git.io/edip-0.4.1.ez

Adn don’t forget to add exrm to your project:

defp deps do
    {:exrm, "~> 0.19"}


mix edip


mix help edip


# Override the (repository) name of the docker image.
mix edip --name <NAME>
mix edip -n <NAME>

# Set a specific tag for the docker image.
mix edip --tag <TAG>
mix edip -t <TAG>

# Set only a specific prefix for the docker image name (default: local).
mix edip --prefix <PREFIX>
mix edip -p <PREFIX>

# Silence build output of EDIP (will be logged to `.edip.log` instead).
mix edip --silent
mix edip -s

If --name and --prefix are given, the name option takes precedence (prefix will be ignored).

# Map additional volumes for use while building the release
mix edip --mapping <FROM>:<TO>[:<OPTION>]
mix edip -m <FROM>:<TO>[:<OPTION>]

To pull dependencies stored in private github repositories you will need to make your SSH keys accessible from the container doing the build:

mix edip --mapping /path/to/home/.ssh:/root/ssh.