View Source API Reference ElixirLokaliseApi v3.1.0


ElixirLokaliseApi is an official client (interface) for the Lokalise APIv2.

Branches endpoint.

Stores configuration variables used to communicate with Lokalise APIv2. All settings also accept {:system, "ENV_VAR_NAME"} to read their values from environment variables at runtime.

Contributors endpoint.

Dynamically adds API methods to the endpoints.

Files endpoint.

Key comments endpoint.

Keys endpoint.

OAuth 2 authentication endpoint.

Orders endpoint.

Provides methods to work with paginated collections.

Payment cards endpoint.

Performs processing of user-supplied data and data returned by the API.

Project comments endpoint.

Project languages endpoint.

Projects endpoint.

Queued processes endpoint.

Sends HTTP requests to the Lokalise APIv2

Screenshots endpoint.

Segments endpoint.

Snapshots endpoint.

System languages endpoint.

Tasks endpoint.

Team user billing details endpoint.

Team user groups endpoint.

Team users endpoint.

Teams endpoint.

Translation providers endpoint.

Custom translation statuses endpoint.

Translations endpoint.

Generates full URLs for the API endpoints

Webhooks endpoint.