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delimited_text(open_char, close_char, opts \\ [])

The delimited_text/2 parser matches a sequence of text delimited open_char and close_char. Because it is expected that open_char may appear multiple times within the sequence it balances the tokens to ensure the right number of closing tokens is matched.


  iex> alias Ergo
  iex> alias Ergo.Context
  iex> import Ergo.Terminals
  iex> parser = delimited_text(?{, ?})
  iex> assert %Context{status: :ok, ast: "{return {foo: \"bar\", bar: {baz: \"quux\"}};}", input: ""} = Ergo.parse(parser, "{return {foo: \"bar\", bar: {baz: \"quux\"}};}")
  iex> assert %Context{status: :ok, ast: "{function b(y) {return x + y;}; return b;}", input: "foo"} = Ergo.parse(parser, "{function b(y) {return x + y;}; return b;}foo")