Module espace_app

Main application module.

Copyright © (C) 2017, Fred Youhanaie

Behaviours: application.

Authors: Fred Youhanaie (


Main application module.

Multiple instances of the application can be active concurrently within the same node, and without interfering with each other. Each instance will be identified by a unique instance name, an atom.

The instance name espace has a special meaning as it identifies the unnamed instance. The espace instance can be started with application:start(espace). The application description will be taken from the file.

Starting a named instance is slightly more involved, since an appropriate app description needs to be created and passed to application:load/1, followed by application:start/1.

To start an instance of espace espace:start/0,1 should be used. The started application will have the same name as the instance, or espace, in the case of the unnamed instance.

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