Module espace_sup


Copyright © (C) 2017, Fred Youhanaie

Behaviours: supervisor.

Authors: Fred Youhanaie (


Main espace application supervisor. It handles the main application components.

There are five child components, four are gen_servers, and the fifth is a supervisor. See the main overview for details.

One of the gen_servers is from the etsmgr application. Here etsmgr is used in embedded mode, i.e. there is no separate etsmgr application. We also make sure that etsmgr_srv is the first child to be started as the other two servers depend on this server.

For the child specification, we rely on the default settings of:
     restart  => permanent,
     shutdown => 5000,
     type     => worker

Function Index

start_link/1 Starts the main supervisor.

Function Details


start_link(Inst_name::atom()) -> supervisor:startink_ret()

Starts the main supervisor.

We expect an espace instance name, which will uniquely identify all the components of the application.

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