Module etsmgr_sup


Copyright © (C) 2019, Fred Youhanaie

Behaviours: supervisor.

Authors: Fred Youhanaie (


This is the supervisor for the etsmgr server. It manages a single instance of the etsmgr_srv server.

For an standalone instance of etsmgr, the supervisor will be ultimately started via the etsmgr:start/0,1 functions.

For an embedded instance of etsmgr, and if this extra supervisor is required, the supervisor should be added as a child of the client's supervisor. An instance name will need to be given to the etsmgr_sup:start_link/1 function. Below is an example snippet of a typical supervisor:child_spec() entry:

     #{id => 'etsmgr_sup',
       start => {'etsmgr_sup', start_link, [Inst_name]},
       type => supervisor}

Function Index

start_link/1 Starts the supervisor.

Function Details


start_link(Inst_name::atom()) -> {ok, Pid::pid()} | {error, {already_started, Pid::pid()}} | {error, {shutdown, term()}} | {error, term()} | ignore

Starts the supervisor

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