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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

[1.7.X] 2022-01-02

  • Doc enhancements by @kianmeng
  • Apply credo library suggestions
  • Fix warnings for the new elixir version 1.13

[1.6.X] 2020-01-20

  • Update type names and docs for consistent naming convention (Note: there is no logic or method name change)
  • Update the Travis script to prevent breaks on merges:
    • Include dialyzer warnings
    • Include coverage
    • Include credo checks
  • Update EventBus.Model.Event struct optional attribute type specs to allow nil values
  • Update license year
  • Change EventBus.Service.Store.fetch to return a safe value when ETS data is missing and log it

[1.5.X] 2018.09.27

  • Fix Elixir v1.7.x warnings for string to atom conversions
  • Remove deprecated EventBus.Util.String module
  • Move the time calculation logic into the new MonotonicTime utility module
  • Set initialized_at value on EventSource helper to a monotonically increasing time
  • Enhance tests for the :second time unit
  • Enhance tests for the unique_id generator

[1.4.X] 2018.09.07

  • Add public types to main module to increase type safety and readability
  • Remove allowence of passing string on topic registration/deregistration
  • Allow passing event_shadow to mark_as_completed/1 and mark_as_skipped/1
  • Update wrong spec for unsubscribe/1
  • Add more test for unsubscribe/1
  • Add questions section
  • Change default @eb_tme_unit to :microsecond
  • Change all instances of micro_seconds and microseconds to microsecond, as per Erlang 19+
  • Fix dialyzer warnings
  • Update the id generator source in test configuration

[1.3.X] 2018.08.04

  • Set default transaction to the id
  • Delegate optional variables to optional library configuration when building/notifying events with Event builder
  • Add random id generator for Event builder
  • Introduce fetch_event_data function to fetch only event data
  • Log empty topic subscribers
  • Add missing tests for existence check
  • Update time spent calculation for EventSource block
  • Remove support for system event tracing (Update the wiki to create wrapper for system event tracing)
  • Dialyzer enhancements
  • Test and documentation enhancements

[1.2.X] - 2018.02.24

  • Remove support for system event tracing for notify action (unnecessary)
  • Move internal modules under managers namespace for better documentation
  • Add subscribed? function to check subscriptions

[1.1.X] - 2018.02.21

  • Optional system events which notify the eb_action_called topic for the actions: notify, register_topic, unregister_topic, subscribe, unsubscribe, mark_as_completed, mark_as_skipped
  • Add public exist? function to Topic, Watcher, and Store
  • Check existence of topic in a blocking manner
  • Register/Unregister topic in a blocking manner

[1.0.0] - 2018.01.23

  • Move build and notify blocks into EventSource
  • Add use keyword for Source for developer friendly require and aliases
  • Split GenServers and Services
  • Move utility functions into its own module
  • Add addons section to README
  • Switch to microseconds when auto event structuring with EventSource to increase compability with Zipkin and Datadog APM
  • Error topic introduced for dynamic event builder/notifier with EventSource. Now you can pass :error_topic key, EvetSource automatically check the result of execution block for {:error, _} tuple and create an event structure for the given :error_topic.
  • Add elixir formatter config to format code

[0.9.0] - 2018.01.06

  • Add source attribute to increase traceability
  • Add optional configuration to Subscriber to use the same module/function with different configurations to process the event. The aim of this change is increasing re-useability of the subscriber with several configurations. For example, this will allow writing an HTTP consumer or an AWS lambda caller function with different configurations.

[0.8.0] - 2018.01.06

  • Register/unregister topics on-demand (EventBus.register_topic/1 and EventBus.unregister/1)
  • Add block/yield builder for Event with auto initialized_at and occurred_at attribute assignments
  • Add block/yield notifier for delivering/notifying events creation with same benefits of build block
  • Add changelog file

[0.7.0] - 2018.01.06

  • Add initialized_at attribute