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stream_backward(stream_uuid, start_version, opts)

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  stream_uuid :: String.t(),
  start_version :: integer(),
  opts :: [options() | {:read_batch_size, non_neg_integer()}]
) :: Enumerable.t() | {:error, :stream_deleted} | {:error, reason :: term()}

Streams events from the given stream in the reverse order from which they were originally written.

  • start_version optionally, the stream version of the first event to read. Use -1 to indicate starting from the end of the stream. Defaults to the end of the stream if not set.

  • opts an optional keyword list containing:

    • name the name of the event store if provided to start_link/1.
    • timeout an optional timeout for the database transaction, in milliseconds. Defaults to 15,000ms.
    • read_batch_size optionally, the number of events to read at a time from storage. Defaults to reading 1,000 events per batch.