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subscribe(stream_uuid, opts)

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subscribe(stream_uuid :: String.t(), opts :: transient_subscribe_options()) ::
  :ok | {:error, term()}

Create a transient subscription to a given stream.

  • stream_uuid is the stream to subscribe to. Use the $all identifier to subscribe to events from all streams.

  • opts is an optional map providing additional subscription configuration:

    • name the name of the event store if provided to start_link/1.
    • selector to define a function to filter each event, i.e. returns only those elements for which fun returns a truthy value
    • mapper to define a function to map each recorded event before sending to the subscriber.

The calling process will be notified whenever new events are appended to the given stream_uuid.

As the subscription is transient you do not need to acknowledge receipt of each event. The subscriber process will miss any events if it is restarted and resubscribes. If you need a persistent subscription with guaranteed at-least-once event delivery and back-pressure you should use EventStore.subscribe_to_stream/4.

Notification message

Events will be sent to the subscriber, in batches, as {:events, events} where events is a collection of EventStore.RecordedEvent structs.


{:ok, subscription} = EventStore.subscribe(stream_uuid)

# receive first batch of events
receive do
  {:events, events} ->
    IO.puts "Received events: " <> inspect(events)