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import MyApp.TableStore

get_row table_name1, [{"key", "key1"}],
  columns_to_get: ["name", "level"],
  filter: filter(
    ({"name", ignore_if_missing: true, latest_version_only: true} == var_name and "age" > 1) or
      ("class" == "1")

batch_get [
    [{"key", "key1"}],
    filter: filter "age" >= 10


  • ignore_if_missing, used when attribute column not existed.
    • if a attribute column is not existed, when set ignore_if_missing: true in filter expression, there will ignore this row data in the returned result;
    • if a attribute column is existed, the returned result won't be affected no matter true or false was set.
  • latest_version_only, used when attribute column has multiple versions.
    • if set latest_version_only: true, there will only check the value of the latest version is matched or not, by default it's set as latest_version_only: true;
    • if set latest_version_only: false, there will check the value of all versions are matched or not.