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Encapsulates the era information for known CLDR calendars.

The era data in CLDR is presented in different calendars at different times. The current best understanding is:


Japanese Calendar

  • From Taisho (1912), the date is Gregorian year, month and day.

  • For Tenshō (Momoyama period) to Meji era (1868) inclusive its Gregorian year but lunar month and day.

  • For earlier eras it is Julian year with lunar month and day (but the Julian and Gregorian years coincide; there are no era dates where the Gregorian year would be different to the Julian year).


Other Calendars

  • For Chinese and Korean (dangi) the era dates are Gregorian year with lunar month and lunar day

  • For Coptic, Ethiopic and Islamic calendars the eras are Julian dates (Julian day, month and year).

  • Persian era is Julian year with persian month and day.

  • Gregorian is, well, Gregorian date.

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Return the era module for a given cldr calendar type.

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Return the era module for a given cldr calendar type.