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start_link(name, ets_opts \\ [], opts \\ [])

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Creates a new ETS table using the provided ets_opts.

These options are passed through as-is, with the exception of prepending the :public and :named_table options. Seeing as you can't execute inside the GenServers, your table will have to be public to be interacted with.


You may provide a third parameter containing Eternal options:

  • :name - override the default naming scheme and use a custom name for this table. Remember to use this name when calling stop/1.
  • :quiet - by default, Eternal logs debug messages. Setting this to true will disable this logging.


iex> Cldr.Eternal.start_link(:table1, [ ], [ quiet: true ])

iex> Cldr.Eternal.start_link(:table2, [ :compressed ], [ quiet: true ])

iex> Cldr.Eternal.start_link(:table3, [ ], [ quiet: true ])