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get_locale() :: Cldr.LanguageTag.t()

Return the current locale to be used for Cldr functions that take an optional locale parameter for which a locale is not supplied.


iex> MyApp.Cldr.put_locale("pl")
iex> MyApp.Cldr.get_locale
   backend: Elixir.MyApp.Cldr,
   canonical_locale_name: "pl-Latn-PL",
   cldr_locale_name: "pl",
   extensions: %{},
   language: "pl",
   locale: %{},
   private_use: [],
   rbnf_locale_name: "pl",
   territory: :PL,
   requested_locale_name: "pl",
   script: "Latn",
   transform: %{},
   language_variant: nil