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date_time_available_formats(locale \\ Cldr.get_locale(), calendar \\ Cldr.Calendar.default_cldr_calendar(), backend \\ Cldr.Date.default_backend())

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  Cldr.Locale.locale_name() | Cldr.LanguageTag.t(),
) :: {:ok, map()} | {:error, {atom(), String.t()}}

Returns a map of the available non-standard datetime formats for a given locale and calendar.



iex> Cldr.DateTime.Format.date_time_available_formats "en"
    bh: "h B",
    bhm: "h:mm B",
    bhms: "h:mm:ss B",
    d: "d",
    e: "ccc",
    e_bhm: "E h:mm B",
    e_bhms: "E h:mm:ss B",
    e_hm: "E HH:mm",
    e_hms: "E HH:mm:ss",
    ed: "d E",
    ehm: "E h:mm a",
    ehms: "E h:mm:ss a",
    gy: "y G",
    gy_mm_md: "MMM d, y G",
    gy_mmm: "MMM y G",
    gy_mmm_ed: "E, MMM d, y G",
    h: "h a",
    hm: "h:mm a",
    hms: "h:mm:ss a",
    hmsv: "h:mm:ss a v",
    hmv: "h:mm a v",
    m: "L",
    m_ed: "E, M/d",
    md: "M/d",
    mm_md: "MMM d",
    mmm: "LLL",
    mmm_ed: "E, MMM d",
    mmm_md: "MMMM d",
    mmmmw_count_one: "'week' W 'of' MMMM",
    mmmmw_count_other: "'week' W 'of' MMMM",
    ms: "mm:ss",
    y: "y",
    y_m: "M/y",
    y_m_ed: "E, M/d/y",
    y_md: "M/d/y",
    y_mm_md: "MMM d, y",
    y_mmm: "MMM y",
    y_mmm_ed: "E, MMM d, y",
    y_mmmm: "MMMM y",
    y_qqq: "QQQ y",
    y_qqqq: "QQQQ y",
    yw_count_one: "'week' w 'of' Y",
    yw_count_other: "'week' w 'of' Y"