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strftime_options!(locale \\ MyApp.Cldr.get_locale(), options \\ [])

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Returns a keyword list of options than can be applied to NimbleStrftime.format/3.

The hex package nimble_strftime provides a format/3 function to format dates, times and datetimes. It takes a set of options that can return day, month and am/pm names.

strftime_options! returns a keyword list than can be used as these options to return localised names for days, months and am/pm.



  • :calendar is the name of any known CLDR calendar. The default is :gregorian.


iex: MyApp.Cldr.Calendar.strftime_options!
  am_pm_names: #Function<0.32021692/1 in MyApp.Cldr.Calendar.strftime_options/2>,
  month_names: #Function<1.32021692/1 in MyApp.Cldr.Calendar.strftime_options/2>,
  abbreviated_month_names: #Function<2.32021692/1 in MyApp.Cldr.Calendar.strftime_options/2>,
  day_of_week_names: #Function<3.32021692/1 in MyApp.Cldr.Calendar.strftime_options/2>,
  abbreviated_day_of_week_names: #Function<4.32021692/1 in MyApp.Cldr.Calendar.strftime_options/2>

Typical usage

iex: NimbleStrftime.format(, MyApp.Cldr.Calendar.strftime_options!())