View Source Cldr.Number.Format.Options (Cldr Numbers v2.27.2)

Functions to validate and transform options that guide number formatting

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@type currency_symbol() :: :standard | :iso
@type fixed_formats() :: :standard | :currency | :accounting | :short | :long
@type format() :: binary() | fixed_formats()
@type short_format_styles() ::
  | :currency_long
  | :currency_long_with_symbol
  | :decimal_short
  | :decimal_long
@type t() :: %Cldr.Number.Format.Options{
  currency: Cldr.Currency.code() | Cldr.Currency.t(),
  currency_digits: pos_integer(),
  currency_spacing: map(),
  currency_symbol: term(),
  format: format(),
  fractional_digits: pos_integer(),
  locale: Cldr.LanguageTag.t(),
  maximum_integer_digits: pos_integer(),
  minimum_grouping_digits: pos_integer(),
  number_system: Cldr.Number.System.system_name(),
  pattern: String.t(),
  round_nearest: pos_integer(),
  rounding_mode: Decimal.rounding(),
  symbols: Cldr.Number.Symbol.t()

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ensure_only_valid_keys(valid_options, options)

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resolve_standard_format(options, backend)

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set_pattern(options, number)

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@spec short_format_styles() :: [atom()]
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structify(options, module)

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validate_option(arg1, options, backend, locale)

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validate_options(number, backend, options)

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@spec validate_options(Cldr.Math.number_or_decimal(), Cldr.backend(), [
  {atom(), term()}
]) ::
  {:ok, t()} | {:error, {module(), String.t()}}
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validate_other_format(other_type, backend, options)

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