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to_range_string(number, backend \\ default_backend(), options \\ [])

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to_range_string(Range.t(), Cldr.backend(), Keyword.t() | map()) ::
  {:ok, String.t()} | {:error, {module(), String.t()}}

Formats the first and last numbers of a range and applies the :range format for a locale and number system.


  • number is an integer, float or Decimal to be formatted

  • backend is any Cldr backend. That is, any module that contains use Cldr

  • options is a keyword list defining how the number is to be formatted. See Cldr.Number.to_string/3 for a description of the available options.


iex> Cldr.Number.to_range_string 1234..5678, TestBackend.Cldr
{:ok, "1,234–5,678"}