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Cldr Territories v2.9.0 May 14, 2024


  • Updates to support CLDR release 45 via ex_cldr version 2.38.1
  • Fixed typespec in info/1 and info!/1, thanks to @jfpedroza.
  • Fixed typespec in known_territory_subdivision/0, thanks to @richard-ash.
  • Fixed compiler warnings for Elixir 1.16, thanks to @tomciopp.
  • Fixed compiler warnings for Elixir 1.17.
  • Require Elixir 1.12.0.

Cldr Territories v2.8.1 July 18, 2023


  • Fixed compiler warning for from_subdivision_code/*.

Cldr Territories v2.8.0 July 15, 2023


  • Fixed compiler warnings for Elixir 1.15, thanks to @alappe.
  • Resolve subdivision aliases in from_subdivision_code/* and from_subdivision_code!/* and, allow optional style to be passed to the underlying from_territory_code/* in cases where a subdivision is to be treated as a territory.
  • Added subdivision_aliases/0.

Cldr Territories v2.7.0 May 5, 2023


Cldr Territories v2.6.0 January 14, 2023


Cldr Territories v2.5.0 Octorber 24, 2022


Cldr Territories v2.4.1 Octorber 20nd, 2022


  • Fixed spec for known_territory_subdivisions/2 thanks to @zorbash

Cldr Territories v2.4.0 February 22nd, 2022


  • Updates to ex_cldr version 2.26.0 which use atoms for locale names and rbnf locale names. This is consistent with other elements of t:Cldr.LanguageTag where atoms are used when the cardinality of the data is fixed and relatively small and strings where the data is free format.

Cldr Territories v2.3.0 October 27th, 2021



  • Updates minimum Elixir version to 1.10 since this is the minimum supported by ex_cldr version 2.24 and later.

Cldr Territories v2.3.0-rc.0 October 19th, 2021


  • Updates to ex_cldr version 2.24 which uses CLDR 40 data

  • Both territories and territory subdivisions are now represented as atoms in the canonical form rather than the previous binary representation.

Cldr Territories v2.2.2 May 11th, 2021


  • Fix bug in translate_territory!/4 #16, thanks to @leandrocp.

  • Fix bug in translate_subdivision!/4.

Cldr Territories v2.2.1 May 10th, 2021


  • Fix specs for known_territories/1, known_subdivisions/1, from_subdivision_code/2,3 and from_subdivision_code!/2,3 #14

Cldr Territories v2.2.0 April 19th, 2021


  • Requires ex_cldr version 2.20 or later to use CLDR data version 39. As with all CLDR releases, underlying data can change and tests are updated to reflect those changes.

  • Added known_subdivisions/1, known_territory_subdivisions/2, from_subdivision_code/3 and translate_subdivision/4 to support subdivison, thansk to @mskv.

  • Improved proformance for from_territory_code/2, from_subdivision_code/2, translate_territory/4 and translate_subdivision/4, thanks to @kipcole9.

Cldr Territories v2.1.0 June 8th, 2020


  • Requires ex_cldr version 2.14 or later to use CLDR data version 37. As with all CLDR releases, underlying data can change and tests are updated to reflect those changes.

  • Updated readme to reflect changes in EU composition and the updated data returned territories

  • CLDR 37 also reflects that the UK is no longer part of the EU.

  • Minimum version of Elixir required is 1.8 to align with the baseline ex_cldr library

  • Fix typespec leading to dialyzer errors

  • Update dependencies in development

Cldr Territories v2.0.1 May 1st, 2019


  • Fix dialyzer errors thanks to @jeroenvisser101

Cldr Territories v2.0.0 November 25st, 2018

This is the changelog for Cldr Territories v2.0.0 released on November 25th, 2018. For older changelogs please consult the release tag on GitHub


  • Move to a backend module structure with ex_cldr version 2.0