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base_unit_category_map() :: map()

Returns a mapping of base units to their respective unit categories.

Base units are a common unit for a given unit category which are used in two scenarios:

  1. When converting between units. If two units have the same base unit they can be converted to each other. See Cldr.Unit.Conversion.

  2. When identifying the preferred units for a given locale or territory, the base unit is used to aid identification of preferences for given use cases. See Cldr.Unit.Preference.


=> Cldr.Unit.base_unit_category_map
  "kilogram_square_meter_per_cubic_second_ampere" => :voltage,
  "kilogram_meter_per_meter_square_second" => :torque,
  "square_meter" => :area,
  "kilogram" => :mass,
  "kilogram_square_meter_per_square_second" => :energy,
  "revolution" => :angle,
  "candela_per_square_meter" => :luminance,