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parse(unit_string, options \\ [])

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Parse a string to create a new unit.

This function attempts to parse a string into a number and unit type. If successful it attempts to create a new unit using

The parsed unit type is aliased against all the known unit names for a give locale (or the current locale if no locale is specified). The known aliases for unit types can be returned with MyApp.Cldr.Unit.unit_strings_for/1 where MyApp.Cldr is the name of a backend module.


  • unit string is any string to be parsed and if possible used to create a new t:Cldr.Unit

  • options is a keyword list of options



  • {:ok, unit} or

  • {:error, {exception, reason}}


iex> Cldr.Unit.parse "1kg", :kilogram)

iex> Cldr.Unit.parse "1 tages", locale: "de", :day)

iex> Cldr.Unit.parse "1 tag", locale: "de", :day)

iex> Cldr.Unit.parse("42 millispangels")
{:error, {Cldr.UnknownUnitError, "Unknown unit was detected at \"spangels\""}}