View Source ExICE.CandidatePair (ex_ice v0.6.1)

Module representing ICE candidate pair.



@type state() :: :waiting | :in_progress | :succeeded | :failed | :frozen
@type t() :: %ExICE.CandidatePair{
  discovered_pair_id: integer() | nil,
  id: integer(),
  keepalive_timer: reference() | nil,
  local_cand: ExICE.Candidate.t(),
  nominate?: boolean(),
  nominated?: boolean(),
  priority: non_neg_integer(),
  remote_cand: ExICE.Candidate.t(),
  state: state(),
  succeeded_pair_id: integer() | nil,
  valid?: boolean()


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recompute_priority(pair, role)

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@spec recompute_priority(t(), ExICE.ICEAgent.role()) :: t()
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schedule_keepalive(pair, dest \\ self())

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@spec schedule_keepalive(t(), Process.dest()) :: t()