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request(client \\ %Tesla.Client{}, options)

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Perform a request.


  • :method - the request method, one of [:head, :get, :delete, :trace, :options, :post, :put, :patch]
  • :url - either full url e.g. "http://example.com/some/path" or just "/some/path" if using Tesla.Middleware.BaseUrl
  • :query - a keyword list of query params, e.g. [page: 1, per_page: 100]
  • :headers - a keyworld list of headers, e.g. [{"content-type", "text/plain"}]
  • :body - depends on used middleware:
    • by default it can be a binary
    • if using e.g. JSON encoding middleware it can be a nested map
    • if adapter supports it it can be a Stream with any of the above
  • :opts - custom, per-request middleware or adapter options


ExampleApi.request(method: :get, url: "/users/path")

# use shortcut methods
ExampleApi.post(client, "/users", %{name: "Jon"})