ExPng.RawData (ExPng v0.2.0)

This struct provides an intermediate data format between a PNG image file and and ExPng.Image struct. Raw image file data is parsed into this struct when reading from a PNG file, and when turning an ExPng.Image into a saveable image file.

This data can be accessed via the raw_data field on an ExPng.Image struct, but users have no need to manipulate this data directly.

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t() :: %ExPng.RawData{
  ancillary_chunks: ExPng.maybe([ExPng.Chunks.Ancillary.t()]),
  data_chunk: ExPng.Chunks.ImageData.t(),
  end_chunk: ExPng.Chunks.End.t(),
  header_chunk: ExPng.Chunks.Header.t(),
  palette_chunk: ExPng.maybe(ExPng.Chunks.Palette.t())