ExX2Y2.Http.Request (ex_x2y2 v0.0.3)

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@type api_key() :: String.t()
@type domain() :: String.t()
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@type http_method() :: :get | :post | :put | :delete
@type params() :: map()
@type path() :: String.t()
@type protocol() :: String.t()
@type t() :: %ExX2Y2.Http.Request{
  body: String.t() | nil,
  domain: domain() | nil,
  headers: keyword(),
  method: http_method() | nil,
  path: path(),
  protocol: protocol() | nil,
  query: String.t() | nil

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@spec for_path(path()) :: t()
@spec url(t()) :: String.t()
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with_auth(request, api_key)

@spec with_auth(t(), api_key()) :: t()
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with_domain(request, domain)

@spec with_domain(t(), domain()) :: t()
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with_method(request, method)

@spec with_method(t(), http_method()) :: t()
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with_protocol(request, protocol)

@spec with_protocol(t(), protocol()) :: t()
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with_query(request, params)

@spec with_query(t(), params()) :: t()