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All requests require a valid access token. This token is the first argument of all functions. Consult the Dwolla API docs for the exact TTL, but as of this writing it is 1 hour.

The access token can be refreshed using Dwolla.Token.get/0, which will generate a new access token using the credentials stored in the configuration. These credentials can be overridden by passing them to Dwolla.Token.get/1.


This library opts to accept function arguments as a single map containing multiple parameters rather than each parameter as a function argument.

For example, when initiating a transfer, you would construct the following map which you pass to Dwolla.Transfer.initiate/2:

params = %{
  _links: %{
    source: %{
      href: ""
    destination: %{
      href: ""
  amount: %{
    value: 100.00,
    currency: "USD"

{:ok, _} = Dwolla.Transfer.initiate("my-token", params)

This is opposed to passing in each payload item as a separate function argument:

{:ok, _} = Dwolla.Transfer.initiate(

There are pros and cons of this approach.


  • Library is flexible. No update is needed if Dwolla adds another key to the request payload.
  • Library is simpler; less code to maintain.


  • Business logic burden falls back on the user to know what the payload requests must be.
  • More difficult to validate request payloads.