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Module which provides a macro that generates special code for an iri filter. This is an absolute uri with internationalization support.

If you require a relative uri, use Exonerate.Formats.IriReference.

the format is governed by appendix A of RFC 3986, as modified by section 2.2 of RFC 3987:

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Creates a NimbleParsec parser ~iri/1.

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filter(opts \\ [])

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Creates a NimbleParsec parser ~iri/1.

This function returns {:ok, ...} if the passed string is a valid iri, or {:error, reason, ...} if it is not. See NimbleParsec for more information on the return tuples.

The function will only be created once per module, and it is safe to call the macro more than once.



  • :name (atom): the name of the function to create. Defaults to :"~iri"