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A struct defining login information.


  • username - the login username
  • serial - the login serial (i.e. a kind of persistent session ID for a given machine)
  • token - the token for next authentication
  • sid - the current session ID
  • created_at - the initial login timestamp
  • last_login - the timestamp of last login using this serial
  • last_ip - the last IP used to login with this serial
  • last_useragent - the last user agent used to login

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A login


Returns the login fields list

Returns the login keys list

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t() :: %Expected.Login{created_at: integer(), last_ip: :inet.ip_address(), last_login: integer(), last_useragent: String.t(), serial: String.t(), sid: String.t(), token: String.t(), username: String.t()}

A login

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fields() :: keyword()

Returns the login fields list.

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keys() :: [atom()]

Returns the login keys list.