Expublish defines the mix task as:

mix expublish.[level] [options]


majorWhen making incompatible API changes.
minorWhen adding functionality in a backwards compatible manner.
patchWhen making backwards compatible bug fixes.
stableWhen declaring a pre-release stable. Version level will not be increased.
rcPre-release for final test stage of next patch version.
betaPre-release for later test stage of next patch version.
alphaPre-release for early test stage of next patch version.

Pre-releases are always considered unstable, however their next version level can still be changed by using one of the --as-major or --as-minor options.


-d, --dry-runfalsePerform dry run release
-h, --helpfalsePrint help
--allow-untrackedfalseAllow untracked files and add them in version commit
--as-majorfalseOnly for pre-release level
--as-minorfalseOnly for pre-release level
--disable-publishfalseDisable hex publish
--disable-pushfalseDisable git push
--disable-testfalseDisable test run
--changelog-date-timefalseUse date-time instead of date in new changelog entry
--branch=string"master"Remote branch for git push
--remote=string"origin"Remote name for git push
--commit-prefix=string"Version release"Prefix for commit message
--tag-prefix=string"v"Prefix for release tag
--version-file=string"mix.exs"When working with a separate version file *

* Expublish expects given file to contain nothing but the current version of a project and will overwrite the file with the new version while releasing.