API Reference Exshome - Elixir Smart Home v0.1.7



Exshome keeps the contexts that define your domain and business logic.

Generic module for live applications.

This module defines the setup for tests requiring access to the application's data layer.

Stores generic ways to work with custom datatypes.

String datatype.

Contains all dependency-related features.

This module stores generic API for GenServer based dependencies.

Supervisor that starts all GenServerDependencies

Shows when dependency is not ready.

Contains all event-related features.

Module responsible for working with file utilities.

Module for common operations with named modules.

This module is responsible for broadcasting data inside application.

Features related to the application releases.

Base module with default schema settings.

Settings module.

Schema for storing application settings.

A registry for tagged modules.

Computes the tag mapping.

Protocol to mark a module as tagged.

Application related to automation.

Main automation page.

Automation preview widget.

View module for Automation app.

Application related to the clock.

Provides a value for local time. It subscribes to the changes in clock settings and current time.

UTC time dependency.

UtcTimeService options.

Module for storing clock settings.

Main clock page.

Clock preview widget.

Clock settings page.

View module for Clock app.

Application related to the player.

Mpv socket events.

Shows that file has ended.

Player-related events. Usually it is a subset of MpvEvents.

Fires when something happens to track.

Player track data.

Implementation for MPV socket. It allows to send you some commands to the MPV server.

A structure for storing internal state for the MPV socket.

Initial arguments for MPV socket.

Store playback state.

A module for storing a playback state for the MPV client.

Module responsible for a playlist.

Inner data format for playback.

Playback pause data.

Modal for editing links.

Main player page.

Player preview widget.

Modal for uploading files.

View module for Player app.

This module helps to setup tests.

Custom hooks for app pages.

Custom hooks for dependencies.

Custom hooks for file utils.

Custom hooks for setting up tests.

Custom hooks for testing MpvServer.

Custom hooks for testing pubsub.

Custom hooks for testing Ecto.

API to help testing live views.

Helpers to test macrogeneration.

Starts own database instance for each test.

File manipulation utils for tests.

Helpers to work with tests.

Test MPV server. You can use it to emulate an MPV server.

Arguments to start a test MPV server.

A structure to represent internal state of test MPV server.

Registry for async tests.

The entrypoint for defining your web interface, such as controllers, views, channels and so on.

This module defines the test case to be used by channel tests.

Generic application components.

This module defines the test case to be used by tests that require setting up a connection.

Conveniences for translating and building error messages.

A module providing Internationalization with a gettext-based API.

Generic module for app pages.

Live Home page for our application.

Adds modal support for every live page.

A component to render form for settings.

Module with named helpers generated from ExshomeWeb.Router.

Telemetry support for the application