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Supports Faktory Batch operations

Batch support is a Faktory Enterprise feature. It allows jobs to pushed as part of a batch. When all jobs in a batch have completed, Faktory will queue a callback job. This allows building complex job workflows with dependencies.


Creating a batch

A batch is created using new!/1 and must provide a description and declare one of the success or complete callbacks. The new!/1 function returns the batch ID (or bid) which identifies the batch for future commands.

Once created, jobs can be pushed to the batch by providing the bid in the custom payload. These jobs must be pushed synchronously.

alias FaktoryWorker.Batch

{:ok, bid} =!(on_success: {MyApp.EmailReportJob, [], []})
MyApp.Job.perform_async([1, 2], custom: %{"bid" => bid})
MyApp.Job.perform_async([3, 4], custom: %{"bid" => bid})
MyApp.Job.perform_async([5, 6], custom: %{"bid" => bid})


Opening a batch

In order to open a batch, you must know the batch ID. Since FaktoryWorker doesn't currently pass the job itself as a parameter to perform functions, you must explicitly pass it as an argument in order to open the batch as part of a job.

defmodule MyApp.Job do
  use FaktoryWorker.Job

  def perform(arg1, arg2, bid) do

    MyApp.OtherJob.perform_async([1, 2], custom: %{"bid" => bid})


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Commits the batch identified by bid

Creates a new Faktory batch

Opens the batch identified by bid

Gets the status of a batch

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Commits the batch identified by bid

Faktory will begin scheduling jobs that are part of the batch before the batch is committed, but

@spec new!(Keyword.t()) :: {:ok, bid()} | {:error, any()}

Creates a new Faktory batch

Returns the batch ID (bid) which needs to be passed in the :custom parameters of every job that should be part of this batch as well as to commit the batch.



Batch jobs must define a success or complete callback (or both). These callbacks are passed as tuples to the :on_success and :on_complete opts. They are defined as a tuple consisting of {mod, args, opts} where mod is a module with a perform function that corresponds in arity to the length of args.

Any opts that can be passed to perform_async/2 can be provided as opts to the callback except for :faktory_worker.

If neither callback is provided, an error will be raised.



See above.



See above.



The description, if provided, is shown in Faktory's Web UI on the batch listing tab.



The parent batch ID--only used if you are creating a child batch.



The name of the FaktoryWorker instance (determines which connection pool will be used).



How long to wait for a response, in ms.

Opens the batch identified by bid

An existing batch needs to be re-opened in order to add more jobs to it or to add a child batch.

After opening the batch, it must be committed again using commit/2.

Gets the status of a batch

Returns a map representing the status