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From the Faktory documentation:

It's inevitable: you will have cases where you enqueue bad data or have jobs which need pruning, migration or some other rare use case. For this, Faktory provides low-level data management APIs so you can script certain repairs or migrations.

Please be warned: MUTATE commands can be slow and/or resource intensive. They should not be used as part of your application logic.


Usage (Experimental)

Support for the Mutate API is currently very basic. At some point in the future, this may be enhanced with a first-class Elixir API, but for now calls must be made manually:

args = %{
  cmd: "kill",
  target: "default",
  filter: %{jobtype: "MyApp.Job"}

FaktoryWorker.send_command({:mutate, args})

See here for the full MUTATE argument reference.