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add_stream_specifier(command, opts)

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add_stream_specifier(command :: FFmpex.Command.t(), opts :: Keyword.t()) ::

Add a stream specifier to the most recent file. The stream specifier is used as a target for per-stream options.


add_stream_specifier(command, stream_type: :video)


  • :stream_index - 0-based integer index for the stream
  • :stream_type - One of :video, :video_without_pics, :audio, :subtitle, :data, :attachments
  • :program_id - ID for the program
  • :stream_id - Stream id (e.g. PID in MPEG-TS container)
  • :metadata_key - Match streams with the given metadata tag
  • :metadata_value - Match streams with the given metadata value. Must also specify :metadata_key.
  • :usable - Matches streams with usable configuration, the codec must be defined and the essential information such as video dimension or audio sample rate must be present.