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See Elixir.Flexflow.Process

%Flexflow.Process{actions: [], args: %{}, counter: 0, definitions: [states: :start, states: :end, events: {:start, :end}], listeners: %{}, loop: 0, opts: [], tasks: %{}, vsn: nil, childs: [], context: %{}, events: %{{:start, :end} => %Flexflow.Event{op: :basic, opts: [], context: %{}, from: :start, module: Flexflow.Events.Basic, name: :first, parentmodule: Flexflow.Events.Basic, results: #MapSet<[:ignore]>, to: :end}}, id: nil, module: Flexflow.Processes.Demo, name: nil, parent: nil, requestid: nil, state: :start, states: %{end: %Flexflow.State{in_edges: [:start], opts: [], out_edges: [], context: %{}, module: Flexflow.States.End, name: :end, type: :end}, start: %Flexflow.State{in_edges: [], opts: [], __out_edges: [:end], context: %{}, module: Flexflow.States.Start, name: :start, type: :start}}}

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new(id \\ Flexflow.Util.make_id(), args \\ %{})

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