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Library, that dumps your test to files on first run.

On second run test's result are compared with dumps.

Where is it needed?

For example, if you have many tests, which are checking function result, API for example. You can use Floppy

Usage example

test "Returns list of Items in the Cart" do
  cart = Cart.find_by(email: "some.richman@microsoft.com)
  items = CartItems.find_by(cart: cart)


Floppy.assert on first run generates file with extension .floppy, but on second run items are compared with previous result.

If results are equal, test passed. Otherwise you have to change test or accept new result by command FLOPPY_MODE=rewrite mix test path_to_failed_test.exs


def deps do
    {:floppy, "~> 0.3.0", only: [:test]}