Gcode (gcode v0.4.1)

Gcode - a library for parsing and serialising G-code.

If you haven't heard of G-code before, then you probably don't need this library, but if you're working with CNC machines or 3D printers then G-code is the defacto standard for working with these machines. As such it behoves us to have first class support for working with G-code in Elixir.

You're welcome.

For functions related to parsing G-code files and commands, see the Parser module. For generating your own programs see the contents of Model, and for converting programs back into G-code see the Model.Serialise protocol.

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Serialise a program to a String.

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serialise(Gcode.Model.Program.t()) ::
  Gcode.Result.t(String.t(), {:serialise_error, any()})

Serialise a program to a String.