GcsSignedUrl.SignBlob.OAuthConfig (gcs_signed_url v0.4.3) View Source

Defines Google Cloud OAuth2 Config. The service account should be an email or unique ID of an existing Google service account GSA_SIGNER. The access token should belong to a Google service account GSA_AUTH.

In this scenario, the GSA_AUTH acts as GSA_SIGNER and signs the given string on his behalf. This requires the GSA_AUTH go have the Google IAM permission iam.serviceAccounts.signBlob on the GSA_SIGNER, e.g. by giving it the built in role roles/iam.serviceAccountTokenCreator on GSA_SIGNER.

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t() :: %GcsSignedUrl.SignBlob.OAuthConfig{
  access_token: String.t(),
  service_account: String.t()