View Source GenLSP.Requests.TextDocumentCompletion (gen_lsp v0.8.1)

Request to request completion at a given text document position. The request's parameter is of type {@link TextDocumentPosition} the response is of type {@link CompletionItem CompletionItem[]} or {@link CompletionList} or a Thenable that resolves to such.

The request can delay the computation of the {@link CompletionItem.detail detail} and {@link CompletionItem.documentation documentation} properties to the completionItem/resolve request. However, properties that are needed for the initial sorting and filtering, like sortText, filterText, insertText, and textEdit, must not be changed during resolve.

Message Direction: clientToServer

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@type t() :: %GenLSP.Requests.TextDocumentCompletion{
  id: integer(),
  jsonrpc: String.t(),
  method: String.t(),
  params: GenLSP.Structures.CompletionParams.t() | nil