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A document link is a range in a text document that links to an internal or external resource, like another text document or a web site.

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  • range: The range this link applies to.

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@type t() :: %GenLSP.Structures.DocumentLink{
  data: GenLSP.TypeAlias.LSPAny.t() | nil,
  range: GenLSP.Structures.Range.t(),
  target: String.t() | nil,
  tooltip: String.t() | nil

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  • range: The range this link applies to.

  • target: The uri this link points to. If missing a resolve request is sent later.

  • tooltip: The tooltip text when you hover over this link.

    If a tooltip is provided, is will be displayed in a string that includes instructions on how to trigger the link, such as {0} (ctrl + click). The specific instructions vary depending on OS, user settings, and localization.

    @since 3.15.0

  • data: A data entry field that is preserved on a document link between a DocumentLinkRequest and a DocumentLinkResolveRequest.